The classic adages of “expect the unexpected” and “better safe than sorry” are never more relevant than when it comes to homeowners insurance. Your home is your sanctuary, your retreat from work and a place to spend time with your family. It is also usually one of your biggest assets. Protect your home with homeowners insurance that will help you pay for repairs or even possible extra living expenses if something extreme happens to your home. With Apollo/Randal you will find a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy that is properly suited for your home and your needs.

Apollo/Raland Coverage’s include:

  • Homes and Townhomes
  • Rental Properties
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Co-Ops
  • Vacant Homes
  • High-value Homes

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters or “acts of God” are not always covered by your homeowner’s insurance. It is especially important to review your coverage if you live in a high-risk area for natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes. You may also want to consider supplementary natural disaster home insurance even if you do not live in a high-risk area, depending on your location and the state of your home. We understand that natural disasters are not something anyone wants to think about, but planning is important and we will guide you through every step of the way to make sure your policy includes enough coverage to keep your home protected.

Personal Asset Protection

The coverage for personal belongings such as jewelry or valuable artwork often falls under your homeowner’s insurance policy. This is a major area of insurance coverage for property owners and should not be considered lightly. It is important to really evaluate what is in your home and its monetary worth. Finding a coverage plan that takes your specific situation into consideration is our specialty and we will help you choose the right policies to make sure your belonging are covered in a crisis.

Umbrella Insurance

Go above and beyond. An umbrella insurance policy covers what your basic homeowners and automobile insurance policy doesn’t. This means that if you are ever in a situation in which your homeowners or auto insurance is maxed out and can’t cover the entire cost, your umbrella insurance policy will go into effect to pick up where your other insurance left off.

As extra liability insurance, an umbrella policy is designed to protect your assets and your future from any major claims or lawsuits. In addition to going above and beyond your regular homeowners and auto insurance, it also provides coverage for claims that were not included in your liability policies. This can include personal liability situations such as false arrest, mental anguish, or slander/libel.

If an umbrella insurance policy sounds like something you want or need, we will work to help you develop an appropriate plan.

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